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A new and innovative way in change management digital strategy, collaborative oriented, and ROI controlled We create the highest desirable project for all of your managers and employees


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Monitoring KPIs

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The #1 change management plateform to empower people and make your transformation projects a business success

Why InsideBoard ?

For the past 15 years our team support and assist major companies and SME to make a success of their business transformation projects: banking, insurance, industry or public administration - from strategic vision to to team execution.

  • New stadards implementation
  • Regulations
  • Distribution network moving digital
  • CRM, Sales, Purchases or Finance transformation : Salesforce, SAP
  • Roll out of strategic projects : relocation, training

Success Stories

CRM transformation for a leading consulting firm

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  • Gamification - Avatar Human
  • Gamification - Avatar IceBoard
  • Gamification - Avatar FireBoard
  • Gamification - Avatar StormBoard
  • Gamification - Avatar UltimateBoard
  • Status of users within InsideBoard


A new SalesForce linked to be launched successfully and durably within a 1,000 consultants network.


  • Making attractive project vision and objectives.
  • Innovative, fun and interactive 360° training plan, InsideBoard integration into Salesforce platform.
  • Skills validation and team animation through challenges, KPIs monitoring et setting up of target actions.
  • Long-lasting adoption through users support: getting a new way of digital and CRM thinking.

Distribution network Digitalisation for a first rank car manufacturer


For this car manufacturer,a major business transformation project: support CRM digitalization throughout its distribution netwok.


  • Make it sure every employee is to adopt and use digital tablets to enhance customer services
  • Market the projet and make digital tablets the most desirable device for every user; setting up InsideBoard to monitor and manage the team with key KPIs ; team emulation through challenges.
  • 90% successful adoption curve in using digital devices and services.
Distribution network Digitalisation for a first rank car manufacturer

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